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Want to Extract Hotel & Rooms Data?

Get information about hotel rooms, prices, availability and much more.

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Convert Hotel Booking Websites into Structured Data

Get structured hotel room data without the technical hassle. You see it on the website, we give you the data.

With our high-quality hotel room data feeds, you can get access to information about particular hotel rooms, location, price and more.
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Hotel Data Specifications 

We can deliver ALL the data fields you would need regarding hotels and rooms, if available.
real estate house location data
Location of the hotel.
news article images
The URLs of the images within the listings
hotel room availability data
Availability of hotel rooms at certain times.
hotel room features data scraping
Room Features
Description of the hotel room features.
real estate price data
Price/Rates Plan
Prices and rates of hotel rooms.
hotel room type
Room Type
The types of hotel rooms as listed.
hotel reviews and mentions data
Reviews & Mentions
Reviews and mentions on hotel websites and listings.
data including hotel address
Hotel addresses which can include zip/post code.
web scraping hotel map data
Map of the hotel area, if available.
hotel phone number data
Phone Numbers
Hotel phone numbers for contact.
hotel ratings data
Ratings of the hotels
hotel amenities data extraction
Amenities available at hotels.
hotel occupancy data
The number of guests a hotel room can accomodate.
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Market Leading Data Quality

We know data quality is important for you. That’s why we have a QA process perfected for 10+ years to deliver high-quality web data. You can scale up your web scraping project and get clean data smoothly.  You can use Hotel Data for…

Price Intelligence

Use Hotel Web Data to inform, analyze and set internal pricing decisions based on real-time on-demand insights.

Market Research

We can deliver valuable data about hotel rooms and give you all the public information about hotel rooms to gain a competitive advantage.

Building a Product

If you are building a product we can help you fuel it with reliable hotel data feeds.
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Working With Us...

We work with hundreds of product developers and owners everyday, so you can be assured that we are super flexible when it comes to your Hotel Data project.

Solutions based on how you want to work - do it yourself or let us do it for you

Data Services

This is our one-stop-shop service. Just tell us what data you need with all of your requirements and we deliver the data to you.
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Automatic Data Extraction

AutoExtract is our AI-based web data extraction tool. Sign up here to be notified when the self-service AutoExtract Hotel Data API becomes available.
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