Use Cases

Learn how web scraped data can be used

Product & Price Intelligence

Revolutionize day-to-day business with web scraped product data and dramatically increase your company’s competitiveness. From automatic pricing solutions to profitable investment insights, this data moves mountains.

Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Optimization
Competitor Monitoring
Product Trend Monitoring
Investment Decision Making
Brand and MAP Compliance

News and Content Monitoring

Modern media can create outstanding value or an existential threat to your business - in a single news cycle. If you’re a company that depends on timely news analyses, or a company that frequently appears in the news, web scraping is the ultimate solution for monitoring, aggregating and parsing the most critical stories from your industry. 

Investment Decision Making
Online Public Sentiment Analysis
Competitor monitoring
Political Campaigns

Alternative Data For Finance

Unearth alpha and radically create value with web data tailored specifically for investors. The decision-making process has never been as informed, nor data as insightful – and the world’s leading firms are increasingly consuming web scraped data, given its incredible strategic value.

Extracting Insights from SEC Filings
Estimating Company Fundamentals
Public Sentiment Integrations
News Monitoring

Competitive and Market Research

Market research is critical – and should be driven by the most accurate information available. High quality, high volume, and highly insightful, web scraped data of every shape and size is fueling market analysis and business intelligence across the globe.

Market Trend Analysis
Market Pricing
Optimizing Point of Entry
Research & Development
Competitor Monitoring

Sentiment Analysis

For businesses that want to understand what their clientele – and competition – truly think and feel, web scraped product data and sentiment analysis are a match made in heaven. Guess no more and eradicate bias from your interpretations by incorporating and integrating bewildering amounts of relevant, insightful data from your industry.

Investment Decision Making
Product Monitoring
Brand and Company Monitoring
Product Development
Politics and Campaigns

Real Estate

The digital transformation of real estate in the past twenty years threatens to disrupt traditional firms and create powerful new players in the industry. By incorporating web scraped product data into everyday business, agents and brokerages can protect against top-down online competition and make informed decisions within the market.

Appraising Property Value
Monitoring Vacancy Rates
Estimating Rental Yields
Understanding Market Direction

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