Inflation monitoring through web scraping

How the world’s most sophisticated consumer agencies are enhancing their monitoring process by incorporating web scraped data.

Aggregate Pricing Data

Keeping track of inflation is a tricky job, involving a lot of moving pieces. Web scraping is the ultimate service for extracting and structuring data used by the world’s largest statistics offices and inflation monitoring agencies. Every day we power inflation monitoring systems across the world for large commercial agencies who trust us to provide accurate, timely data for their pricing indexes. Using high-volume pricing data of everyday consumer goods, our clients can choose from niche goods to the entire consumer market as the target for data extraction.

Aggregate Insurance Data

Similar to pricing data, agencies have used data extraction to collect insurance pricing information across the market. This can include home, auto, and other forms of insurance. Price quotations for such products update on an irregular basis, and the websites hosting the information are protected by sophisticated systems and pagination, unfriendly to most scraping operations. An insurance pricing index will be made up of hundreds of thousands to millions of records, so ensuring both consistency and reliability across these records is absolutely vital.

Validate Pricing Data

Our clients can work with billions of points of data each day. Our web scraping service serves as an important quality assurance tool to allow them to quickly check aggregated pricing data against itself to ensure the highest accuracy and real-time consistency, alerting them to potential changes in a good which may have price externalities across the economy.

Data Use Cases: Inflation Monitoring through Web Scraping

To get an in-depth behind the scenes look into how Scrapinghub designs these projects to boost productivity and save time for some of the world’s busiest agencies, download the Inflation Monitoring through Web Scraping white paper

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