Leveling Up Market Research with Web Scraped Data

Market researchers incorporate web scraped data into their workflows to ensure they always have an edge on the market.

Market Trend Analysis

When performing a market trend analysis, web scraped data is perfectly suited to compliment and enhance the productivity and accuracy of your research methods. Acquiring insights into any particular market scenario and the larger industry environment requires a great deal of data, and web scraping provides this data with a guaranteed level of reliability and accuracy.

Rigorous quality assurance standards are critical for this type of information, as subtle trends and market behaviors have been demonstrated as key indicators for market movement and being a first-mover unlocks tremendous opportunities for any organization.

Price Monitoring

To make profitable pricing decisions, having access to a timely, reliable source of high
quality data is crucial. By scraping pricing data, market research teams are empowered to
confidently consult their organizations and clients on how to best position products and services.

In an online world where prices change as rapidly as new products appear, automating a
healthy stream of pricing data into your market research team is essential for ensuring you’ve
an up-to-date, reliable benchmark against which you can either compete within the market, or enter it.

Optimizing Point Of Entry

Where you position yourself and how you price your goods is as important as your product or service itself. By using web scraping to fuel market research into your industry and location you can enter the market with confidence and a competitive upper-hand.

With web scraping, a huge variety of relevant, essential information about a market can be aggregated extremely quickly, capable of fueling aggressive startup growth as well as new product launches into competitive industries.

Research & Development

Precautions taken to ensure a healthy, thoughtful R&D cycle can dramatically reduce post-launch headaches. Whether your company produces enterprise software, video games, canned beverages or electric cars, spending more time in R&D can be the difference between catastrophic failure and success.

Web scraped data is to R&D what buttresses are to ancient structures - it supports the entire process while preventing misguidedness and disaster. Since the scope and capability of big data is truly driving an epochal change in research - of any kind - using web scraping to generate data for R&D teams unlocks tremendous insight across every aspect of the cycle.

Competitor Analysis

The traditional non-data driven competitor monitoring processes employed by many businesses puts them at real risk for disruption, creating blindspots and pain points for competitors to exploit.

By integrating web scraped data into a systematic competitor monitoring process, market researchers provide businesses with a powerful advantage, and can act quickly on competitor insights to maximize revenue, market share and growth opportunities.

Data Use Cases: Leveling Up Market Research with Web Scraping

Five use cases demonstrating the power of web data in driving innovation and effectiveness across the landscape of market research.

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