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Fueling Business Intelligence with Web Scraped News Data

How web scraped news and article data is catalyzing success for the world’s most innovative and competitive businesses.

Investment Decision Making

Research in the financial industry has shown that news articles and social media opinions
can directly influence the stock market. Both the informational and subjective aspects of online articles can impact volatility, stock price, trading volume, and market activity.

Data that tracks sentiment signals is efficacious in the stock selection process, and some
studies have found sentiment as effective or more effective than price momentum in real time.

Measuring Online Public Sentiment

Any business intelligence strategy is incomplete without an understanding of public sentiment.
The way a company’s product or service is portrayed in news articles and reviews directly impacts its bottom line.

By scraping qualitative public sentiment data about your product from news and article data sources, businesses can integrate this information directly into AI-driven business solutions to produce
actionable insights into which products are performing - or underperforming - and why.

Competitor Monitoring

The traditional non-data driven competitor monitoring processes employed by many businesses puts them at real risk for disruption. Creating blindspots and pain points for
competitors to exploit.

By integrating web scraped data into a systematic competitor monitoring process, companies gain a powerful advantage in their market and act quickly on competitor insights to maximize revenue, market share and exploit growth opportunities.

Political Campaigns

Constituent relations are critical to the health and success of any organization dealing with
the public, and new solutions driven by web scraped news and article data empowers non-profits, NGOs, elected and aspiring public representatives to most effectively and meaningfully represent and engage their base.

By integrating news and article data into constituent relations, corporate affairs, or press relations functions, businesses, organizations and governments are finding a hassle free source of insights into their subjects - without the fluff.
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Data Use Cases: Fueling Business Intelligence with Web Scraped News Data

Four use cases demonstrating the power of web scraped news and article data in investing, sentiment analysis and competitor monitoring.

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