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Pricing Intelligence with Data Extraction

Make Profitable Pricing Decisions with Web Extracted Pricing Data

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Monitoring Prices Online

Monitoring market and competitors pricing data is a necessity for e-commerce companies today. At the same time, getting quality pricing data from websites is getting more and more difficult.

Our experts will create custom data feeds optimized specifically for you by taking the unstructured data from the web and delivering it in a structured format that provides the highest value for your price intelligence team.

Price Intelligence Backed by Quality Data

With our battle-tested pricing data extraction and quality assurance tools, we can deliver high-quality pricing data at scale.

Our Data Quality Assurance process reviews all your data to help identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies or other abnormalities including manual, semi-automated and automated testing. 

 Watch the webinar on our Quality Assurance process.

Revenue Optimization

To make profitable pricing decisions, having access to a timely, reliable source of high-quality data is crucial. Large scale price monitoring using web scraped data gives companies the ability to have a finger on the pulse of the entire market, facilitating dynamic pricing, revenue optimization and ensuring they’re always one step ahead of their competitor's pricing positioning strategies.

Having fast, regular, and clean data delivered to your servers will give your business intelligence teams a distinct informational advantage. We offer many delivery types such as FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Email, Dropbox and Google Drive plus a wide range of delivery formats.
Our experts can help you

Focus on What’s Important

Price intelligence is all about making better pricing decisions. Data extraction is just one little piece of the process. However when scaling your web scraping needs, layouts change, web spiders break and managing proxies internally can all be time-consuming

Let our experts handle this, keeping your data pipeline healthy and giving you the time to focus on making decisions that drive growth. 
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we are proud reliable data partners

As your Data Partner, we have the solutions

Let us handle your data extraction needs and save you an endless amount of time and resources. Our web scraping experts will make sure that the data flow into your software is flawless and will solve any technical issues so you can focus on what matters to you the most.
Continuous data collection

Your Dedicated Data Partner

As your business and product grow, you need a reliable partner that can keep up.

Our solution scales as you grow. We can match your internal SLAs, plus a dedicated project manager and team, who will work in an agile approach giving you the flexibility and reliability you need in a data partner.

legal compliance

Legal Compliance

Staying compliant is more important than ever in today’s data-driven world. Knowing the types of data you can extract for your price intelligence and monitoring process is crucial.

Our legal team evaluates the compliance risks associated with the web scraping projects we conduct and advises our data delivery teams on compliance. Check out our blog on this.

Working With Us...

We work with hundreds of finance teams every day, so you can be assured that we are experts when it comes to getting the data you need.

Solutions based on how you want to work - do it yourself or let us do it for you

Data Services

This is our one-stop-shop service. Just tell us what data you need with all of your requirements and we deliver the data to you.
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Proxy Management

Crawlera, if you need a managed proxy service specifically designed for web scraping.
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Automatic Data Extraction

AutoExtract, our AI-enabled API for articles and product. Web scraping at a scale without the need to write code.
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We’re experts in these data types...

and all these data types too...

Reviews - Discussion/comments -  Organization - Social Media Posts
Listings - Sellers - Events - Location/Places - Drug - Educational courses
and much more...

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