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Data is the Answer

The human resources (HR) industry is experiencing huge change thanks to the increasing use of data in decision-making. Many HR teams are sitting on an untapped data gold mine that can transform the recruitment industry.

Our experts take unstructured data from the web and deliver it in a structured format that you can feed into your HR, Recruitment, or CRM systems. We will ensure the data is high quality. Leaving you to focus on what matters - relationship building, networking, and recruiting the best talent.
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Talent Sourcing Backed by Automated Quality Data

Having a source of quality data for job listings, candidate sourcing, salary levels, market insight or competitive intelligence leads to better hiring decisions in an increasingly competitive labour market.

Our Data Quality Assurance process reviews your data to make sure you feed your recruitment efforts with accurate reliable data. We identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies or other abnormalities in your data through manual, semi-automated and automated testing.

Recruitment Data How you Need It

Adding an automated web data feed to your sourcing toolkit is smart, but we know existing job or candidate listings on the web can be duplicated, unclean, or expired. You need a structured database of cleaned and enriched data to give you a competitive advantage.

You decide what fields you want - such as title, salary, location, apply by, start date, job type, plus how you want it delivered - whether its a once-off project or you need it on-going. We offer many delivery types and formats such as FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Email, Dropbox and Google Drive plus formats such as CSV, JSON, JSONLines or XML.

Focus on Obtaining New Talent.

Extracting and acquiring clean data from the web can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. 

So let our experts handle the data acquisition. Just tell us the data you need and we’ll acquire and deliver it to you, exactly how you want it - Allowing your team to remain focused on tapping the world of new, exciting talent.
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As your Data Partner, we have the solutions

Let us handle your data extraction needs and save you an endless amount of time and resources. Our web scraping experts will make sure that the data flow into your software is flawless and will solve any technical issues so you can focus on what matters to you the most.
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Take Recruitment and HR to the Next Level

Let us extract the data you need so you can focus 100% on data analysis and research to determine

Hiring trends by location
Internal labour forecasts
Offering competitive wages
Industry employment trends
Job keyword research
Best job titles for position
Popular workplaces
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Legal Compliance

Staying compliant is more important than ever in today’s data-driven world, particularly in the recruitment industry. Knowing the types of data you can extract for recruitment and HR is crucial.

Our legal team evaluates the compliance risks associated with the web scraping projects we conduct and advises our data delivery teams on compliance. Check out our blog on this.

Working With Us...

We work with hundreds of finance teams every day, so you can be assured that we are experts when it comes to getting the data you need.

Solutions based on how you want to work - do it yourself or let us do it for you

Data Services

This is our one-stop-shop service. Just tell us what data you need with all of your requirements and we deliver the data to you.
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Proxy Management

Crawlera, if you need a managed proxy service specifically designed for web scraping.
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Automatic Data Extraction

AutoExtract, our AI-enabled API for articles and product. Web scraping at a scale without the need to write code.
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We’re experts in these data types...

and all these data types too...

Reviews - Discussion/comments -  Organization - Social Media Posts
Listings - Sellers - Events - Location/Places - Drug - Educational courses
and much more...

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