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build a product using data

Building a Product

Delivering product data for data-driven projects with web data extraction.

High-quality product data extracted from the web that will keep your data pipeline healthy & allow you to focus on product development.
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market research data scraping icon

Market Research

Innovate your market research with web data extraction.

Get insights on your market, feed research, and stay on top of trends with high-quality and reliable market data.
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price intelligence data icon

Price Intelligence

Superior pricing data intelligence through web data extraction.

Position your products and make profitable decisions with high-quality pricing data intelligence through web data extraction.
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lead generation public data

Lead Generation

Build high quality lists using high quality web extracted data.

Build targeted lists to fuel your revenue growth and generate smart leads through web data extraction.
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brand monitoring data


Track and protect your brand through brand monitoring with web data extraction.

Use high-quality and reliable brand and pricing data to ensure your brand reputation is protected online.
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alternative money finance data

Alternative Data for Finance

Use high quality financial web data to make profitable decisions.

Get actionable insights and make informed investment decisions in an ever ever-hastening market with alternative finance data from the web.
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hr jobs recruitment data


Source top talent with quality HR & recruitment data through web data extraction.

Use quality data for job listings, candidate sourcing, salary levels, and market insight to make better hiring decisions & attract talent.
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business automation data extraction

Business Automation

Automate various aspects of your business using intelligent web data scraping.

Automate the internal processes of your business and move data quickly across your business with web data extraction.

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MAP Compliance

Get notified and take action against MAP violations with high quality data at your fingertips through web data extraction.

Monitor the prices online in order to make sure your products are priced correctly on the web.
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