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GDPR & Web Scraping Compliance

Sanaea Daruwalla Head of Legal at Scrapinghub explains the 5 key considerations around web scraping compliance and GDPR.

How To Deploy a Scrapy Project
to Scrapy Cloud

In this tutorial we show to deploy a Scrapy web crawler to the Scrapy Cloud platform in 
just a few steps.
how not to get blocked webinar

How To Scrape The Web Without 
Getting Blocked

In this short webinar our scraping expert, Attila Toth, will show best practice tips on how you can extract the data you need from websites while respecting the rights of companies that own them.
remote working webinar

Remote Working Webinar:
How To Transition From Office To Remote Working As A Company

Remote working is becoming the new normal, but this isn’t normal remote working. To help with this transition to remote working, our CEO and Co-Founder, Shane Evans, will share his experiences from running a remote company of 10 years.

How To Scale Your Web Scraping With Proxies

In this webinar our web scraping expert, Attila Toth, will talk about extracting data from the web at scale with proxies and how to build a web scraping architecture that is future-proof.
web scraping webinar

What's New With Web Scraping & 
How It Can Revolutionize Data Collection

In this webinar, our Solution Architect, Cathal Garvey, talks about the technological advancements in the past year and how they are helping our customers from a range of different industries. Gain an overview of web scraping today, and find out what the future holds.

Article Extraction - Maximizing Data Quality

In this webinar, we evaluated the quality of article body extraction for multiple commercial solutions and open-source libraries. We explain how we determined the dataset collection and other criteria used to fairly evaluate high-quality article extraction.

Web Data Extraction: The Build In-House vs Outsource Decision

In this webinar, we intend to help you identify the best solution to your scaling web scraping requirements. Our Technology Evangelist, Attila Toth, discusses the challenges of web scraping, when you should build your web scraping team in-house and when it is best to outsource your web scraping projects.

Residential Proxies vs. Data Center Proxies
in Web Scraping

For some tasks, residential proxies are better suited than data center proxies while for other tasks, it may not make a difference. In this webinar, our powerhouse team of web scraping experts, Attila Toth and Rodolfo Silva, show you the ins and outs of each proxy type and when to choose one over the other. 

Fuelling Price Intelligence With Web Data

In this webinar, we dive deep into what fuels price intelligence. Our Technology Evangelist, Attila Toth, looks at the main challenges affecting price intelligence projects from both a business and technical perspective, and more importantly, how you can solve them.

Legal Compliance in Web Scraping

The lack of clear legal guidance in the Web Scraping industry means you have to be extra cautious in the manner and the type data you scrape. In this webinar, our Head of Legal, Sanaea Daruwalla gives an overview of web scraping compliance best practices and updates.

Scrapinghub's Data Quality Assurance Process

Bad data quality can hurt or even break your web data project. That’s why we, at Scrapinghub, developed our battled-tested QA process to make sure we deliver the highest quality of data while guaranteeing coverage. In this webinar, Oleksandr Leshchynskyi, our QA Team Lead, walks you through our battled-tested data quality assurance process from a technical perspective.
Bi weekly webinar series

Crawlera Webinar Series:
Proxy Management Done Right

Many businesses that depend on web data extraction struggle to get high-quality data at scale. The Crawlera Webinar Series is designed to help you with that. 
In this first webinar of the series, deep dive into Crawlera’s proxy management methodology and get the solutions to your proxy management problems.

Crawlera Webinar Series:
Crawlera Tactics Demystified

The second webinar in the Crawlera bi-weekly webinar series will reveal what’s really happening under the hood of Crawlera while managing proxies automatically. Join our Technology Evangelist, Attila Toth, and Co-Founder, Pablo Hoffman, to catch a glimpse of the “magic” behind Crawlera.

Crawlera Webinar Series:
Headless Browsers + Crawlera

Headless browsers are an essential element of any web scraping stack if javascript rendering is a requirement. Headless browsers can also be useful to avoid antibots.
In this third part of the Crawlera bi-weekly webinar series, join Attila Tóth and Pablo Hoffman to learn more about making the most of headless browsers with Crawlera.

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