Case Studies

Industry case studies delivering value through web data extraction

Mining Web Data to Uncover Job Listings & Wage Trends
How Scrapinghub helped one of the world’s leading e-commerce retailers extract the data they need to make better hiring decisions.
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memex case study
Memex: Revolutionizing Search and Fighting the Good Fight
How Scrapinghub’s technical expertise enabled DARPA’s breakthrough Memex technology, revolutionizing both internet search technology and the fight against human trafficking.
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restaurant listings data scraping and extraction
Product price, promotion and positioning monitoring at scale - An eCommerce Case Study
Read how Scrapinghub helped one of the leading providers of price, promotion and online product positioning analytics extract the product data they needed to generate competitive insights for their customers by building a web data extraction system to monitor over 1 billion products daily.
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kinzen data
Kinzen: Providing Structured News Data for Personalized Feeds With AI
How Scrapinghub's AI-enabled, automated AutoExtract API, provides structured news data for Kinzen’s revolutionary news app that puts the reader in control of the news.
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crawlera ranktank
RankTank: Crawling SERP Real-Time With 99.8% Success Rate
Many online businesses’ success depends on getting traffic from search engines. Being on the first page and at the top of the search results is key to get relevant visitors to your website and grow your business online. However, nowadays it’s not easy to rank first for most of the keywords because the competition is huge.  RankTank, helps marketers to better optimize their website with free and paid SEO tools.  We help them do this using Crawlera.
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Bridge Below Case Study
Bridge Below: Providing a Smart Proxy solution to extract automotive web data
In today’s ecommerce world, one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) monitoring.  Bridge Below, helps manufacturers and brands in the automotive industry to stay on top of their pricing game, by providing a platform to monitor and analyze MAP violations and contact sellers.  Crawlera helps them do this.
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