Empowering Analysis with Online Public Sentiment Data

How web scraped online public sentiment data is fueling a new generation of competitive analysis, enabling innovation across the business cycle.

Investment in Decision Making

Research in the financial industry has shown that news articles and social media opinions
can directly influence the stock market. Both the informational and subjective aspects of online articles can impact volatility, stock price, trading volume, and market activity.

The market moves quickly, and being even half a step ahead of the competition can be
incredibly valuable. If many firms are receiving the same traditional data, investors can
differentiate their strategy (and bolster their earnings) by incorporating sentiment data into their decision making.

Product Monitoring

Any business intelligence strategy is incomplete without an understanding of public sentiment.
The way a company’s product or service is portrayed in news articles and reviews directly impacts its bottom line.

By scraping qualitative public sentiment data about your product from the web, businesses can integrate this information directly into AI-driven business solutions to produce actionable insights into which products are performing - or underperforming - and why.

Brand & Company Monitoring

The old adage that any press is good press maybe losing its veracity in an era when press and reviews are at our fingertips 24/7. What steps can a company take to protect its reputation in this socially accelerating world?

By scraping sentiment data, business intelligence (BI) teams can both capitalize on positive publicity and work to mitigate negative sentiments. A comprehensive BI strategy acknowledges the multipronged nature of online sentiment by scraping data from many sources and analyzing many of the factors that comprise sentiment.

Product Development

Take a minute to think about the sheer number of reviews, forums, customer service tickets, and social media endorsements that circulate at all times. A negative review can cost a company many sales, but without the technology to use data comprehensively, companies often proceed with limited actionable insights about how to change their products - let alone develop new ones.

Sentiment analysis based on web scraped data equips product development teams with data driven insights into the changes customers want to see and the quality of a product’s performance. In this way, sentiment analysis is not just retrospective but a vital tool in the product creation, planning, and design process.

Products and Campaigns

Political opinions are often some of the most emotionally endowed views that people hold. Therefore, sentiment analysis meshes with politics quite well as voting behavior, campaign success, and partisan changes are rarely completely rational. It is evident in past elections that calculated expectations do not always become reality. One must pay sufficient attention to the sentiments expressed about campaigns, candidates, legislative bills, and presidential job approval.

All of these subjects are constantly discussed on forums, social media, and article comments, so scraping them is an ideal - if not the only - method for extracting such data.

Data Use Cases: Empowering Analysis with Online Public Sentiment Data

Five use cases demonstrating the power of web scraped data for online public sentiment monitoring.

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