Fueling Real Estate’s Big Data Revolution with Web Scraping

Brokerages and agents leverage web scraped real estate data to gain competitive edge and make better decisions.

Appraising Property Value

The real estate market moves quickly, and being even half a step ahead of the competition can be incredibly valuable in maximizing value for both buyers and sellers. If firms receive the same commoditised data from a single MLS, brokerages can differentiate their strategy (and bolster their earnings) by incorporating web scraped data into their decision making.

Thanks to the highly structurally nature of real estate listing data, scraping it from the web is extremely effective and provides high quality data - at any scale. By examining aggregated,high-dimensional listing data, real estate agents can recommend pricings and offerings with a greater level of confidence and clarity.

Monitoring Vacancy Rates

Every property market in the world is subject to a natural vacancy rate (NVR) representing
the tipping point for a markets rental growth.

By analyzing market cycles between negative and positive rental growth, brokerages can powerfully position themselves against trends in the market - and there’s no better way to fully understand and establish market vacancy rates than by incorporating web scraped data into your analysis.

Estimating Rental Yields

It’s simple: property owners seek properties that generate an annual income comprising a high percentage of funds invested. While desired rental yields are in the high single digits, market fluctuations related to any odd number of variables can cause extreme yield volatility in particular markets.

By web scraping historical yields confined to comparable properties in the vicinity of a target property, variables like neighborhood, property type, square footage and other metrics can provide real insight for investors and prevent blind decision making.

Understanding Market Direction

Though many claim intuition about a market heating up or cooling off, aggregating
hard, empirical data is critical for both accuracy and foresight. Knowing where the market is heading is absolutely critical for profitable real estate activities and by taking advantage of web scraped data a more detailed landscape is revealed.

Whether it's a buyer's or seller's market, the biggest profits exist in the extremes. Web scraping can fuel the data-hungry decision making that enables you to confidently and competitively time your offers and investments - before the market pivots.

Data Use Cases: Fueling Real Estate’s Big Data Revolution with Web Scraping

Four use cases demonstrating the power of webscraped data in transforming the real estateindustry.

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