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Automatic, intelligent proxy rotation and ban management

Crawlera gives you the power of crawling from multiple IPs and locations without the pain of proxy management. Forget about IP rotation or ban tracking. All of this available to you through a simple HTTP API.

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AutoExtract API for automatic article and e-commerce data extraction at scale

Turn any article or e-commerce product page into structured data with no code needed. All available to you through a simple HTTP API.

per 100k requests per month
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Manage and automate spiders at scale

Scrapy Cloud, our platform as a service offering, allows you to easily build crawlers, deploy them instantly and scale them on demand. Watch your spiders as they run and collect data, and then review their data through our beautiful frontend.

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1 Scrapy Unit = 1 GB of RAM and 1 concurrent crawl
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Turn Javascript heavy websites into data

Splash is a lightweight, scriptable browser with an HTTP API. Scrapinghub platform allows deploying optimized Splash instances seamlessly.

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We offer hosted Splash instances in 3 sizes and an enterprise solution
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Data Services? We have a dedicated team for you.

We extract the data you need and deliver it exactly as you’d like it.

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Ideal for once off web scraping projects
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Data subscription
Ideal for on-going data extraction requirements
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