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Turn JavaScript heavy websites into data.

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Turn Javascript heavy websites into data

Splash is a lightweight, scriptable headless browser designed specifically for web scraping at scale that enables you to render, interact with and extract data from modern Javascript heavy websites.

Easily customisable for faster rendering and complex user behaviour simulation. 

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Render pages at any scale

Scrape JavaScript generated content from web pages at scale and take screenshots of the page for specific applications including data quality assurance.

Lightweight browser

Speed up your crawlers with a dedicated node for rendering JavaScript that’s separate from your crawler.

Simulate user behaviour

Simulate user behavior with custom scripts via Lua scripts when behaviour is too complex to replicate in your crawler.

Faster rendering

Process multiple pages in parallel, turn OFF images or use Adblock Plus rules to make rendering faster.

Easy integration

Splash integrates with Scrapy, Scrapy Cloud and Crawlera to make adding a headless browser to you web scraping stack a seamless experience.

An option to suit all requirements

Splash is both an open source project and a Scrapinghub product.

Open source Splash

The Splash headless browser is an open source project created and maintained by Scrapinghub. Check out the Splash documentation to learn more.

Hosted Splash

Scrapinghub offers a hosted version of Splash using a SaaS model that enables you to access a dedicated battle-tested Splash instance via an HTTP API.


We offer hosted Splash instances in 3 sizes and an enterprise solution


Ideal for small web scraping projects.
1 x CPU
1.25GB RAM
24/5 support
per month
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Ideal for large scale web scraping projects.
2 x CPU
24/5 support
per month
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Ideal for scraping the web at enormous scale.
4 x CPU
24/5 support
per month
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Ideal for unlimited scale & custom needs.
Unlimited CPU
Unlimited RAM
24/7 support
Starting at:
per month
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